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It's been a little while since I last published anything on here. I've been trying to think less about work (and work-related subjects) when I'm not being paid to do so and it's helped me switch off a bit more, something I've always struggled with.

It was talking to a friend recently that made me realise how useful the knowledge I posess could be to someone just finding their feet as a developer. I never really thought I would have to say it "publicly" (I just assumed people would be comfortable approaching me) but I'm always happy to help out others, whether it be about a piece of code, a library or just general career advice.

I'm probably most familiar with PHP and Laravel because that's what I write on a daily basis. I know Javascript and Vue fairly well too, and it goes without saying that I'm more than comfortable answering anything about HTML & CSS. I may not be the best at any of these things, but I can probably be of value in one sense or another.

If you're perhaps an aspiring, Junior or even Middleweight Developer/Software Engineer please do send me an email, outlining your question. It makes the whole process a lot simpler if you share as much information as possible (including links to any gists/repos.)  It's also very important that (due to the way I have my filter configured) that your subject line is "Knowledge Share" (without the quotes.)

I’m Tim, a Software Developer from the UK. I like to program, cook, read & run.