What is so timeless?

In one of my favourite “Curb Your Enthusiam” scenes Larry’s assistant gets a tattoo but when he asks her what it means, she says “It’s very personal. I don’t share it with everybody”. He replies, “The whole world can see it but it’s personal.”

I’ve sometimes wondered what idea or symbol is so timeless that I’d want it permanently tattooed on my skin. Perhaps it would be the AFC Bournemouth crest or a pair of cherries, but then lately I’ve felt so disillusioned by the ethics of football: the extortionate sums of money spent on players; the Saudi State; rape allegations, homophobia, racism, drug abuse, CO2 emissions etc.

Football fans it seems, alternate between love and hate for their own players on an almost weekly basis. Overall it feels so transiently insignificant, so fickle.

I’m Tim, a Software Engineer from the UK. I like to write code, cook, read & run.

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