The reason it’s so difficult to define the human experience without using examples is because it’s so diverse, unpredictable, sporadic, messy. Human life is diverse by definition; When did you ever see two strangers walk past each other in the street wearing exactly the same clothes?

Feel like everything is so… boring lately? So samey?

The working week is draining. You put your laptop to sleep and swipe through some of the headlines on your phone, praying for just one scrap of positivity. Yes, Boris Johnson’s a shit. Aren’t they all? You see a post on Facebook by a friend who clearly feels the same. Thirty likes (blimey even a few loves) and five others in the comments agree. One even says how brave your friend is for “speaking out”.

You switch over to Youtube. Time to kick back. You skip out on your subscriptions for today, going straight to the homepage for something new. You’ve watched that Office clip of Jim’s pranks on Dwight at least fifteen times so another can’t hurt. It’s not funny per sé but it makes you feel “comfortable”.

Netflix notifies you about an interesting new documentary but when you load up the app on your TV you don’t see it anywhere. You watch a couple of episodes of Rick & Morty while your dinner cooks.

Later, as you’re about to go to bed you decide to check in on Hinge. You don’t have notifications switched on to save you from the abject disappointment of never getting notified. But it tells you there isn’t anyone new to look at today, even though there wasn’t anyone the day before and the day before that.

“They must all be too busy watching that Netflix documentary”, you lament.