Distractions often have a negative connotation. We say “I want to spend less time watching TV because it distracts me from doing [insert other activity]”, but realistically trying to do less of something is hard without self-control.

Instead, finding other hobbies and interests to distract oneself with is a better idea. Ideally this is something you’re already at least partly familiar with; placing too much emphasis on something new is a surefire way to lose interest.

I find that if I don’t find an activity engaging enough, like for example reading, I simply find books that interest me. If the project I’m working on isn’t exciting enough, I find one that is.

Recently I’ve found my interest for programming waning and spending more time playing video games, but I recognise I could be doing something more meaningful. Where no obvious interest exists (I haven’t been able to run as I’m carrying a knee injury) I’m exploring several other hobbies, though I think it’s important to have a balance of things I can do at home and those with other people or in public. Failing that, I see what my friends are up to, whom I always have time for.

I’m Tim, a Software Engineer from the UK. I like to write code, cook, read & run.

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