Hi there! My name's Tim White and I'm a Software Engineer from Bournemouth, UK. You've somehow come across my blog, probably because you searched for me (naughty) or because you found one of my essays on Hacker News.

For the uninitiated, I mostly use this blog to write about technology (and my position within it) but I also often write about quality and experience (and other things I'm interested in). Some of my favourite posts include: "Building Software, Sharing Knowledge", "Code and Context" and "Some Quality Biases".

I blog for various reasons, including to educate others about things I've learned, to clarify my own thoughts and to read around subjects I'm interested in.

timstagram is where I share some of my life outtakes and experiment a little.

The site itself is built with a handful of Go scripts I wrote for myself and hosted on Github pages. You can find the source here.

Tim White